About Temp Tabs

TempTABs are an easy, cost effective method to monitor process temperatures and temperature uniformity in furnaces without the use of wires, electronics or multiple thermocouples. TempTABs are made from materials that exhibit controlled shrinkage over time. They measure the effect of temperature and time at temperature. TempTABs are currently available in five different temperature ranges:

TempTAB 300 can be used in the temperature range of 850-1,100°C (1562-2012°F).

TempTAB 400 can be used in the temperature range of 1,000-1,200°C (1,832-2,192°F)

TempTAB 600 can be used in the temperature range of 1,100-1,300°C (2012-2372°F).

TempTAB 650 can be used in the temperature range of 1,200-1,500°C (2192-2732°F).

TempTAB 700 can be used in the temperature range of 1,450-1,750°C (2,642-3,182°F)

Upcoming Conferences and Exhibitions:

  • MIM 2020 Irvine, CA March 2-4, 2020
  • World PowderMet 2020 Montreal, Canada June 27-July 1, 2020

July 2019 - New flyer available for Dental Labs (Zirconia Sintering)

October 2018 -  Editorial in LMT magazine for Sintering Dental Zirconia

August 2015 - Bill Jones, of Solar Atmospheres webinar on '"Understanding Vacuum Furnace Temperature Measurement Issues"

May 2015 – PowderMet 2015 Presentation “Ceramic Temperature Sensor Technology vs Thermocouples , A Secondary Method for Monitoring Temperature in a Powder Metal Sintering Furnace"

March 2011 - "A new approach to monitoring process temperatures during sintering" published in Powder Injection Moulding International featuring TempTAB.

October 2010 - Simple, Cost-Effective Documentation of Furnace Performance article featured in October 2010 Industrial Heating Magazine.

April 2010 - TempTAB Trakker Software available. The easy to use software is an excel workbook that allows customers to enter in the final dimension of the TempTABs. The software automatically looks up and displays the process temperatures for up to 9 locations inside a furnace.





    Heat Treating
    Hardening (Neutral & Case)
    Brazing / Sintering





More Information

TempTAB Brochure for Metal
TempTAB Dental Instructions
TempTAB for Ceramic Brochure
Download Brochure Supplement
Download Benchmarking
Download Gauge Instructions

Temperature Charts

View Batch #200DIF (°F)
View Batch #200DIF (°C)
View Batch #300SMK (°F)
View Batch #300SMK (°C)
View Batch #400JNI (°C)
View Batch #400JNI (°F)
View Batch #600JSI (°C)
View Batch #600JSI (°F)
View Batch #650 MFI (°F)
View Batch #650 MFI (°C)
View Batch #700 WLL (°F)
View Batch #700 WLL (°C)

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TempTab Safety Data Sheet

SDS for TempTAB